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CAODURO S.P.A. was founded in 1951 in Italy and now is the leading European producer of skylights and modern polycarnonate industrial constructions. Company committed to creating functional lighting and ventilation systems, intending to give value to the concepts of natural well-being and energy saving. Factory size 16 000m2, more then 100 patent, more then 40 registered trademark. Quality is expressed throughout the production cycle. CAODURO team of professionals controls all phases, including the installation and periodic monitoring of each system. This approach to work guarantees durability and longevity to products, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. All production phases take place in the headquarters, combining the knowledge of materials with modern industrial and automated programs. The entire process develops through an ordered sequence of processes that transform the flat polycarbonate. Team of professionals make a research on raw materials and new technologies.

Patented clampPatented clamp has a concentrated tear-off load capacity of up to 200kg.

Installation without drilling – This solution avoids the drilling of the sheets during the installation phase. It guarantees the integrity of the products and prevents the formation of water infiltrations, moisture, and prevents the formation of mold. 

Maximum performances – The Caoduro clamp ensures water tightness and thermal expansion, allowing the sheet to move freely if subjected to thermal excursions.

Portfolio of CAODURO products:

  • Domes and skylights
  • Daily ventilation system
  • Smoke and heat exhaust natural ventilators
  • Upstands
  • Grids

More info about company – www.caoduro.it

Caoduro Catalogues: